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Andrés Rebolledo.

"I am currently working on my voice with singing teacher and tenor James Induni.". 

Born in Madrid in 1975. My passion for music has been present since forever. I remember being mesmerized by the sound of a piano in the house of my grandparents, though at that time I did not know to touch it.

When I had the opportunity to work for a summer, I decided to save money to buy a synthesizer. And so it was that I started to learn to play the keyboard, and from there came my first compositions.

A year later, a friend lent me an electric guitar and I fell in love with her. What most intrigued me was the possibility to configure a variety of sounds by using effects pedals. It is never enough to explore all of the options.


"I'm also composing, but from the rhythm, then develop everything else. This is how I am going to take the form to the songs that will be part of Sumergente.". 

While working, I decided to enroll at the Polytechnic University of Madrid to study Telecommunications Engineering, with a specialty in Sound and Image. Whenever he had the opportunity, he chose subjects related to sound. As a project of end of study, I presented an emulator of different microphones studio, recording the patterns myself in the anechoic chamber of the school.

Having musical training and technique has allowed me to understand both aspects of the process of music recording and production. In addition, to get into the ins and outs of the industry, I took a Technical course in the Music Industry at the European University Miguel de Cervantes.

As a musician, after having passed through several bands, finally I made my own: Magictostadora. In this project, I dedicate myself to write songs with a touch of "indie rock", where the guitars have a special role. Later, I met Mario, and together we create the electronic duo called Neon Suite.

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